Summer Cup

Summer Cup

1–5 January 2020

Handicap doubles event for teams of three or more players.

Eight teams will compete in two round robin groups followed by an elimination finals series. Each team will play three ties over the first two days, with up to two ties each day. A tie comprises three 8-game sets, with 2 hours scheduled per tie. The top four qualifiers will then play off in an elimination series for the Cup, and the bottom four qualifiers will play off in a separate “plate” elimination series. As such, each team will play 4 or 5 ties over the five days of the tournament.

Qualification. All amateur and professional players are welcome to apply.

Pairings. Team captains submit their pairings by 5 pm the day before. If teams are not submitted by the cut-off time, the previous pairings will be used. If pairings are not received for the first day, the pairings will be decided by the Tournament Director. A player can be nominated with a different partner up to twice in each tie. For example, if the team has four members, A, B, C and D, pairings (AB, BC, CD) and (AB, AC, CD)  are permitted, whereas (AB, CD, CD) and (AB, BC, BD) are not.

Order of play. The lowest handicap pair nominated in each team plays first, the highest handicap pair plays second, and the remaining pair plays last.

Ties. Where teams are tied at the end of the round-robin, the winner will be determined by sets won and, if tied on sets, by games won. If tied on games, the result will be determined by the head-to-head result between the tied teams in the round-robin.

Handicaps. Doubles handicaps of each pair are capped at 70. Individual doubles handicaps are fixed at the date of the draw, which will occur within 7 days of the first day of play. Individual handicaps will be verified prior to the draw and may be adjusted at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director. Handicaps can also be adjusted during the tournament by the Tournament Director, at their sole discretion. Note that individual handicaps can be higher than 70: the cap is applied to the handicap of the doubles pair.

Schedule. Players should be available to play at any time during the period 12 noon 1 January to 9 pm 5 January, except Friday 3 January, which is a free day. We will do our best to accommodate requests for particular times, but there is not a great deal of flexibility available (no more than 2 ties per day, no consecutive ties). Requests for playing times should be submitted by the team captain not later than 24 December. There are time penalties for arriving late: the schedule over the five days is tight and start times will be strictly enforced.

Substitutes. Substitutes are only allowed at the discretion of, and will be selected by, the Tournament Director. Teams of at least four players are recommended to allow for injuries.

Entry form


Please direct all enquiries to Brett McFarlane.

Rules of play

HRTC rules of team play. Teams will be advised of applicable local rules by the Tournament Director at the team captains’ briefing.

Dress code

The HRTC dress code is “predominately white”, which means that each visible piece of clothing, including shirt, shorts, skirt, socks, and cap, but excluding shoes, strapping and sweat bands, must be at least 70% white. Non-compliant tracksuits or sweaters must be removed at the end of the warm-up. Garments should be in keeping with the image of the Club. The Tournament Director may, at their sole discretion, request players who do not comply to leave the court and attend to their attire, which may result in time penalties or forfeiture, as set out in the rules of play.


The first round of applications close on the 1 October 2019. Where more than eight teams apply before the closing date, preference will be given, in the following order, to international teams, interstate teams, and date of application.  If not fully subscribed at closing, teams applying after the closing date will be accepted in order of date of application.

Applicants will be added to their nominated team on payment of their tournament fee. There is no restriction on the size of teams, except that a minimum of three players are required to play each tie. The team captain can replace, add or remove members up to 5 pm the day before play commences.

Tournament fees are not refundable.

The draw

The draw was conducted on 26 December 2019. Handicaps are fixed on the date of the draw.

Wednesday 1 January 2020

1200 A1 By Hook or by Crook A2 Fugitives
1400 B1 Kildare B2 Home Devils
1600 A3 Wendy and the Rawketts A4 Court Rules
1800 B3 Dutch Courtiers B4 Moore Faheymous Longshots
2000 A1 By Hook or by Crook A4 Court Rules

Thursday 2 January 2020

0900 B1 Kildare B4 Moore Faheymous Longshots
1100 A2 Fugitives A3 Wendy and the Rawketts
1300 B2 Home Devils B3 Dutch Courtiers
1500 A1 By Hook or by Crook A3 Wendy and the Rawketts
1700 B1 Kildare B3 Dutch Courtiers
1900 A2 Fugitives A4 Court Rules
2100 B2 Home Devils B4 Moore Faheymous Longshots

Friday 3 January 2020
Free day

Saturday 4 January 2020

0900 First semi-final Summer Cup (winner A vs runner-up B)
1100 Second semi-final Summer Cup (winner B vs runner-up A)

Sunday 5 January 2020

1000 First semi-final Summer Cup plate (third-place A vs fourth-place B)
1200 Second semi-final Summer Cup plate (third-place B vs fourth-place A)
1700 Summer Cup grand final
1900 Summer Cup plate grand final

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