Summer of Tennis


We are planning an exciting Summer of Tennis this January. Two new events will be run in the first week of the new year: the Governor’s Cup and the Summer Cup.

The week kicks off with a relaxed New Year’s Eve BBQ at the club on the Tuesday and ends with a combined tournament dinner on the Saturday and finals on the Sunday. The Governor has also kindly invited all participants in the Governor’s Cup and Summer Cup to a reception at Government House on the Friday. Hobart buzzes in early January with heaps of off-court attractions just a ball toss away in Salamanca and the waterfront precinct.

Billeting is offered to all visiting professional and amateur players and their families.

It’s going to be fabulous week!

Summer Cup

1–5 January 2020

The Summer Cup is a handicap doubles event for teams of three or more players. The format of the Summer Cup is modelled on Melbourne’s popular Boomerang Trophy, which is run shortly after on 11–25 January. Between matches, you’ll be entertained by the world’s best real tennis players as they battle for the prestigious Governor’s Cup.

Tournament rules

Eight teams will compete in two round robin groups followed by an elimination semi-final and grand final. Each tie comprises three matches, where the first pair to win eight games wins the match, and the team to win most matches, wins the tie.

Qualification. Any amateur or professional, 18 years or older is welcome.

Pairings. Team captains submit their pairings by 5 pm the day before. If teams are not submitted by the cut-off time, the previous pairings will be used. If pairings are not received for the first day, a default pairing, determined by the Tournament Director, will be used. A player can be nominated with a different partner up to twice in each tie. For example, if the team has four members, A, B, C and D, pairings (AB, BC, CD) and (AB, AC, CD)  are permitted, whereas (AB, CD, CD) and (AB, BC, BD) are not.

Order of play. Matches are played in handicap order, i.e. the lowest handicap pair nominated in each team plays first and the highest handicap pair plays last.

Handicaps. Doubles handicaps of each pair are capped at 65. Individual doubles handicaps are fixed at the date of the draw, which will occur within 7 days of the first day of play. Individual handicaps can be adjusted during the tournament by the Tournament Director, at their sole discretion. Note that individual handicaps can be higher than 65: the cap is applied to the handicap of the doubles pair.

Substitutes. Substitutes are only allowed at the discretion of, and will be selected by, the Tournament Director. Teams of at least four players are recommended to allow for injuries.

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Please direct all enquiries to Brett McFarlane.

Rules of play

HRTC rules of team play apply.


Where more than eight teams apply, preference will be given, in the following order, to international teams, interstate teams, lowest average handicap, and date of application. Applicants will be added to their nominated team on payment of their tournament fee. There is no restriction on the size of teams, except that a minimum of three players are required to play each tie. The team captain can replace, add or remove members up to 5 pm the day before play commences.

Tournament fees are not refundable.

Governor’s Cup

3–5 January 2020

This exciting open singles event provides players heading to the Australian Open (7–13 January) with a perfect opportunity to acclimatise and tune up their skills before the main event. The top-eight IRTPA-ranked applicants will be accepted, with appearance fees will be paid to all successful professional applicants.

Any current top-eight ranked player will be automatically accepted and advised on application. Other applicants will be advised shortly after applications close on 15 October 2019.

Appearance fees will be paid on commencement of play on 3 January. The best-of-five set knock-out event is staged over 3 days with the final on Sunday 5 January. During the competition, players will be provided with lunch each day, billeted accommodation and complimentary tickets to a reception at Government House and the Tournament Dinner.

Entry form

Appearance fees

International: $1000
Interstate: $500
Local: $250


Please direct all enquiries to Brett McFarlane.

Rules of play

IRTPA rules of play apply.