HRTC Club Championship Rules

The draw

All the championships will be drawn in February each year. Grading will be based on player’s handicaps as of the time of draw. All HRTC club members will be entered into their respective grades unless otherwise stated. Players may enter any grade above the one they qualify for in addition to their own grade. A $20 entry fee will be charged per event. The grades will be filled as follows:

Class 1 All members 5 sets
Class 2 Handicaps 20.0 and above 3 sets
Class 3 Handicaps 30.0 and above 3 sets
Class 4 Handicaps 40.0 and above 3 sets
Class 5 Handicaps 50.0 and above 3 sets
Class 6 Handicaps 60.0 and above 3 sets
Class 7 Handicaps 70.0 and above 3 sets
Ladies All ladies 3 sets
Masters Players aged 50 or older at 1 February 3 sets
Veterans Players aged 65 or older at 1 February 3 sets
Juniors Players aged 26 or younger at 1 February 3 sets


Each player is to make every reasonable effort to have each match arranged. The club professional will make at least two attempts to confirm each match with the players concerned. Once a match is confirmed, a player may cancel once without penalty, provided this is done at least 24 hours before the match. On the second such occasion, the player will forfeit the match.

Late arrivals

Players must be on court not later than ten minutes after the scheduled start of the match, according to the club room clock. At this time, one game will be awarded to the player’s opponent and an additional game will be awarded to the player’s opponent every three minutes until the player is on court.


Two hours will be allocated for each match, with player’s accounts being billed for two hours regardless of the duration of the match. Players are permitted a warm-up period ending not more than five minutes after the arrival of the last player on court. Matches are expected to be played expeditiously, with only short refreshment breaks taken at change of ends. A player may take a break of up to 5 minutes to receive treatment or to replace or repair equipment and clothing.

Uncompleted matches

Matches running into the next court booking may be completed with the consent of the players with the booking. If a match cannot be completed, then it will be continued at a later date. When restarted, the scores start from where the original match left off.


A player forfeits the match if:

  • a player is unable to confirm a time and date of a match proposed by the club professional a second time (see “Scheduling”) or
  • a player cancels a confirmed match a second time or gives less than 24 hours notice (see “Scheduling”) or
  • a player fails to appear on court for a confirmed match within the allowed time (see “Late arrivals”) or
  • the player suspends play or leaves the court for more than 5 minutes for any reason (see “Matches”).


Players shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the etiquette, sportsmanship and standards of behaviour expected of the sport. In particular, players must:

  • Ensure that play throughout is expeditious, especially in changing ends and in being ready to serve and receive service.
  • Where a marker is appointed, accept the decisions of the marker without question or protest.
  • Where a match is self-marked, mark chases and strokes in a sportsmanlike manner and accept the call of their opponent with good grace.
  • Exercise self-control at all times.
  • Not behave in any way likely to bring the game into disrepute.
  • Abstain from any form of betting.


Players will mark their own matches or mutually nominate a marker, except each Club Championship final, which will be marked by the club professional or a marker nominated by the club professional.


A player may not receive coaching during a match, except from their partner in a doubles match or from their captain or acting captain in a team match. In team matches, the advice may only be given from the gallery when the players change ends and provided it does not unduly interfere with the natural flow of play.


All disputes regarding Club Championship matches will be decided by the HRTC Tennis Committee.