Dress code

Dress code

The HRTC seeks to maintain a standard of dress both on and off the court that respects the traditions and standards of the game.

On court

The on-court dress code applies to all players, including members, their guests, and visiting members from other clubs. Club staff monitor players’ clothing and will advise players if they fail to comply with the code. Whites are available to purchase in the pro shop, and the club provides a small stock of clean, second-hand garments that players may purchase or borrow.

Visitors are encouraged to observe the dress code, but some flexibility will be given where first-time visitors are unable to meet these requirements. The requirement to wear non-marking shoes, however, cannot not be waived.

The following requirements apply to all players:

  • Garments should be “predominately white”, which means that each visible piece of clothing, including shirt, shorts, skirt, skort, socks, and headwear, but excluding shoes, strapping and sweat bands, should be at least two-thirds white. A coloured school sports uniform may also be worn by students.
  • Shoes must be of a design so as not to mark or damage the court.
  • Garments should be in keeping with the image of the Club. The following garments by way of example are not acceptable: board shorts and surf wear, men’s sleeveless singlets, and leotards.
  • Players may wear coloured sweaters or tracksuit tops and bottoms in social games and practice sessions during the colder months (01 April through 30 September) and year-round during a pre-match warm-up period. In club championships and tournaments, non-compliant tracksuits or sweaters must be removed at the end of the warm-up, regardless of the time of year.
  • Advertising in any form, other than small manufacturer’s or sponsor’s motifs, is not permitted. The length and height of motifs should not exceed the diameter of a tennis ball.
  • Lettering and motifs that identifies a player’s team, club or country is permitted, but the garment must still comply with all other rules—that is, predominantly white, in keeping with image, and no blatant advertising.
  • Players with offensive, e.g. extremist, indecent, racist, or sexist tattoos should endeavour to choose garments that cover the tattoo—for example a long-sleeve shirt or full-length pants.

In the clubrooms

All members and visitors enter the club at the discretion of the HRTC Committee and are expected to observe social norms of dress and decorum in the clubrooms and at club functions. Specifically,

  • Dress in the clubrooms is generally relaxed.
  • At social events, such as tournament dinners, the recommended dress is smart casual.
  • Specific events, such as the annual dinner, may require more formal dress, which will be advised event-by-event.

Updated 11 November 2020