Cancellation Policy

The Hobart Real Tennis Club’s cancellation policy has recently been reviewed by our committee and all HRTC members are urged to make themselves aware of the revised policy – effective October 1st.

The logic for a fee if the court is not re-booked is obvious. However, even if the court is re-booked, it involves some effort on the part of the Pros to find someone in the case of a late cancellation. Members cancelling booked courts will now be required to give 24 hours notice to avoid cancellation charges. Members wishing to apply for special consideration on such charges can do so by making a formal application to the Club Treasurer. Please see our revised schedule of fees and charges below:

Cancellation Fees – less than 24 hours

Doubles Court NOT re-booked $12.50 Court re-booked $7.00
Singles Court NOT re-booked $30.00 Court re-booked $10.00
Juniors Court NOT re-booked $15.00 Court re-booked  $ 7.50