Australian Open 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Play Brave Australian Open. It is ARTA’s premier annual event and we aim to ensure it keeps its status as one of the big four grand slams in the Real Tennis world. In order to do this it needs to be well funded, well attended and well played. Currently ARTA contributes one GGBhalf of its total annual funds to the event. Hobart is blessed this year with the return of Team Fahey, Rob Fahey (Ranked No 2 in the world) and Claire Fahey ‘the reigning Ladies world champion together with a group of upcoming international women and men. This creates potential for new players in the world rankings.

I am sure that all International and National visitors to the Hobart Club will enjoy the warm welcome and hospitality for which Hobart is famous. We will be able to showcase top wine and food at our social occasions, and hope you manage to fit in visits to all the events that happen in Hobart at this time of year between the great tennis.

Graeme Bradfield
ARTA Chair

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The Australian Open Tournament is the premier event in the Australian real tennis calendar.  Entries for the tournament don’t close until later this year, but current indications are that the world’s leading men’s and women’s players will be coming to Hobart in January 2018. It is anticipated that the current world champion Cam Riviere and Rob Fahey will be playing in the tournament together with a group of other leading professional players from England and the USA. Also the leading women’s player in the world, Claire Fahey, has indicated that she is intending to play in the tournament.

There will be considerable lead up publicity to the tournament, which presents opportunities for sponsors to present their products and businesses from August until the tournament ends on the 9th of January next year.


For further details please contact Christine Stirling or call 0400 696 858

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Hobart Real Tennis Club needs your help raising money for the 2018 Real Tennis Australian Open.

You may have heard of our ARTA Development Fund which is run in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation to enable donations to be tax deductible. This fund raises money for:

1.      Real Tennis Tournaments (Mainly Australian Open)

2.      Advancement of Real Tennis (new courts / new clubs)

3.      Juniors

4.      Women’s Tennis

We have just started to raise funds, but need to get to $30,000 by December so that we can attract and reward the World’s Best Players.

If you have ever thought of supporting Australian Real Tennis this is a great time to give!

Without contributions from supporters like you, we won’t have the chance to thrive, grow and compete and be a successful organisation. The future can be bigger and brighter for us with your help.

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