About Real Tennis

Real tennis is the “original” tennis from which the lawn version was derived. First played between 1200 and 1500 AD, the game is also known as Royal Tennis, Real Tennis, and (in the US) Court Tennis.

There are approximately 38 courts are in use today, the majority being in Britain. Today, the game is played in just 4 countries – the UK, US, France, and Australia.

The world championship for real tennis dates back to 1740 and is the oldest trophy in the world sport.  Pierre Etchebaster (France) was unbeaten in 8 world titles for 26 years from 1928 – 1954.


The previous world champion, Robert Fahey, learned the game in Hobart – he successfully defended his world title ten time – twice in Hobart – since he first won in 1994.




The racquets are lop-sided to make it easier to cut or spin the ball when hit



The balls are hand-made at the Club by the Professional and are similar in weight and density to a baseball.  Being made of cloth and tapes makes then more lively, and they spin more than the lighter lawn tennis ball.