Hobart cruise to 20-7 win over Sydney

The Hobart Real Tennis Club hosted a group of nine Sydney-siders last weekend in the annual three-day interclub bash. There were numerous particularly close matches throughout the weekend, but the local crew seemed to just get ahead at the right time. The weekend of tennis was complemented by a lively dinner at Rockwall in Salamanca, with everyone enjoying the great food and plenty of local wine. Hobart defeated Sydney 20 matches to 7. 


J Garside/J Herbert def C Cooper/J Willis 6/5
J Thorp/D Mitchell def C Moran/A Eisdell 6/5
K Toates/B Lunnon def J Cooper/D O’Meara 6/2
D Cooper/A Eisdell def Tim McAuley/J Thorp 6/0
S Cremona/M Fitzgerald def B Lunnon/G Flower 6/5
G Flower/J Legg def C Cooper/J Cooper 8/6
C Moran/D O’Meara def H Drielsma/Tim McAuley 8/1
J Willis/M Fitzgerald def G Holloway/G Flower 8/4
J Garside/G Holloway def S Cremona/D Cooper 8/6
H Drielsma/J Davis def A Eisdell/D O’Meara 8/6
J Drewitt/J Garside def J Cooper/J Willis 8/7
C Cooper/D Cooper def J Davis/Tom McAuley 8/4
S Pinkus/K Toates def C Moran/M Fitzgerald 8/3
J Garside/J Drewitt def S Cremona/J Willis 8/6
M Moores/P Burnett def A Eisdell/C Moran 8/7
Tom McAuley/Tim McAuley def J Cooper/C Cooper 8/5
S Cremona/D O’Meara def S Pinkus/K Toates 8/6
A Eisdell/D Cooper def R Lowenthal/Z Davis 8/6
H Drielsma/J Davis def C Cooper/C Moran 8/4
J Davis/Tim McAuley def J Willis/D O’Meara 8/5
H Drielsma/Tim McAuley def A Eisdell/M Fitzgerald 8/7
Tom McAuley/J Legg def S Cremona/C Cooper 8/7
S Legg/H Rackham def J Cooper/D Cooper 8/2
Tom McAuley/J Drewitt def D O’Meara/M Fitzgerald 8/6
S Cremona/J Willis def J Legg/N Rooke 8/7
T Liggins/M Moores def D Cooper/A Eisdell 8/7
H Rackham/J Moores def C Moran/J Cooper 8/6


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