With Thanks…

The tournament is over and was a roaring success. Great tennis, good crowds and successful events.

I would like to thank Head Professional Brett McFarlane for all the work that went into running a smooth tournament, with help from Zak Eadle and those who assisted me on the organising committee: Al Ramsay, Graeme Bradfield, Elizabeth Eden, John Ramsay and Nikki Millard. Thanks also to Justin Legg for court preparation and John Moores, John Herbert for helping with the streaming.

Duff TV provided an excellent service and will be providing match highlights from the Aus Open which we will make available to all members.

We will be hosting the tournament again in another four years, and will look forward to supporting the other host clubs in the meantime.

Thank You
Christine Stirling
HRTC President

Billets Accommodated Jan 1-8
Thank you Elizabeth Eden for organising billets. She has written:

A great big thank you is extended to HRTC members who hosted visitors for the Australian Open. Billeting is a wonderful reciprocal feature of the Real Tennis international community, and this tournament was no exception. with Hobart’s usual warm hospitality extended to guests from the UK, the USA, France and mainland Australia. To give an idea of just how much accommodation is provided, it totalled up to a whopping 150+ “visitor nights” this time, and the billets (mostly players, but a few spectators) have been very appreciative of the welcome provided by those who have hosted this time:
Graeme Bradfield and Gaye Mitchell, John and Sue Davis, Julianne Drewitt, Elizabeth Eden and Peter Middleton, John and Di Howard, Stephen and Jeanette Pinkus, Cas and Ros Pitt, Helen and Jeremy Rackham, Biz and Ian Ritchard, Peter and Susan Scollard, and Christine Stirling.
Thank you all.


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