Australian Open | Day 7

The world’s greatest ever player, Rob Fahey, took on aspiring world challenger Chris Chapman in the Open Singles Final of the Australian Open 2018. The match featured controlled serving and returning from both players and for the first time in this tournament a player (Rob) aggressively attacked the small Hobart grille. Whilst Chris was competitive in every quarter Rob managed to win the important points. As Chris Chapman later said ‘there was little more he could have done to change the course of the game’. Two of the world’s best players presented such high quality tennis that the crowd were suitably awestruck at the event.

The women’s final exemplified the quality and standard of the best women’s player, Claire Fahey. Whilst Saskia Bollerman played nearly flawless length and driving Claire had an answer for every shot, even when Saskia delivered almost unreturnable forces Claire managed to stay in the point and comprehensively finish the points off at early opportunity. Saskia clearly showed she is a player to watch demonstrated by her lovely grille forces.

Graeme Bradfield
ARTA Chair


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