Australian Open 2018 | Day 6

Local players McFarlane/Boyles were always going to struggle against the formidable pair of Rob Fahey/Nick Howell. The players who have known each other for many years invoked a friendly atmosphere in the game.  There were many long rests with all players exhibiting their retrieving ability. (6/1 6/1 6/3)

Jo See Tan was unlucky to be serving her generally regarded difficult left-handed railroad to the top seeds Fahey/Bollerman. Against any other the pair it would have caused some difficulty, but not these two and the Tan/Candy duo could find little in their armoury to trouble the top seeds.  (6/0 6/0)

The hard driving pair of Rosedale/Woods-Casey did not overly trouble the very experienced pair of Chapman/Booth. Paul Rosedale showed remarkable volleying skills at the net and whilst winning some amazing points the duo struggled to put together enough points to win games. (6/0 6/1 6/2)

The relatively new players, Hobart pair Rackham/Lunnon, had a spirited match against the very talented UK pair of Dublish/Garside. Junior Jess Garside displayed great volleying consistency and was well supported by Irina’s floor play. (6/1 6/0)

Graeme Bradfield

ARTA chair


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