Australian Open 2018 | Day 4

In a very tight internationally flavoured doubles the Hobart Tennis Club Champion teamed up with the French Champion Matthieu Sarlangue to take on Hobart’s Brett McFarlane/Pete Boyles. In a very  tight first set the Hobart team managed to get just over the line with some hard forcing causing a few errors by Mattieu and Al. The second set followed a similar course with a high standard of tennis and good forcing penalising any loose shots. The performance of Al and Matthieu was credit worthy in that it was the first time they had played together and this probably allowed a slightly lesser ranked pair to succeed. ( 6/5 6/3 6/3)

Paul Rosedale/John Woods Casey from Melbourne teamed up well  against Graeme Hyland/Greg Kerin from Hobart to solidly defeat them. Graham Hyland showed why he is recognised as one of the best doubles players in the game with his fast returns and at times unreturnable serves.  Greg supported well but the youthful pair were too fast and accurate in the end (6/2 6/3 6/0).

In an all Hobart match Helen Rackham and Becca Lunnon, two new and talented players, played two experienced players, Karen Toates and Julianne Drewitt in the closest match of the tournament so far. With an equally divided and vocal crowd support, Julianne and Karen took advantage of all their opportunities but the determined younger pair eventually ran out winners. Towards the end of the match Julianne’s full PK serve caused some issues to the less experienced pair but they managed to get the service and close out the match. (6/1 4/6 6/4).

Rob Fahey and Nick Howell played controlled superior doubles against Claire Fahey and Zak Eadle to move through to the second round. Claire and Zak came close to taking a set of the highly ranked doubles pair. (6/3 6/5 6/1)

The pair of international professionals, Rod McNaughton and Andrew Fowler, put up a good fight against Chris Chapman and Kieran Booth, and while the score does not reflect how close some of the games went, ultimately Rod and Andrew did not have any answers to the very experienced hard hitting pair. (6/2 6/1 6/3)

Graeme Bradfield
ARTA Chair



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