Australian Open 2018 | Day 3

Two strong UK based players, Irina Dublish and Isabel Candy, started Day 3 of play. Irina’s hard low and accurate floor shots made is difficult for Isabel to find a rhythm. Isabel was unable to find the openings that she could the previous day but she played above her handicap. Irina consistently served tightly and whenever pressure points presented themselves she managed to find a winning dedans or the base of the grill. (6/3 6/2)

Pete Boyles continued his good form into his match with Chris Chapman however it was difficult to make inroads into the top four ranked professional. Pete’s normally winning drives were continually returned even when Pete resorted to the first tambour boast seen at this tournament. Chris showed that he was on form and properly ranked as second seed of this tournament with a near faultless display of controlled tennis. (6/0 6/1 6/0)

The next match between Nick Howell and Zak Eadle saw the fastest paced match of the tournament so far. Zak showed that he would have to be one of the hardest hitters in the world but some drives hitting above the dedan penthouse to land back on the wrong side of the net. Nick appears to be the fittest player of this tournament as he ran down every hard drive and kept the ball in play and pressure on Zak. In the twilight of the third set Nick slightly lifted his foot off the throttle and Zak showed he is going to be a formidable presence by taking 3 games in a row before Nick closed out the match. (6/1 6/1 6/4)

The recently returned to Australia professional, Andrew Fowler, struggled to keep up with the long rallies and effective forcing of Kieran Booth on his original court. Andrew showed flairs of brilliance however Kieran’s tight giraffe serve restricted Andrew from finding any real form. Kieran’s form puts Rob Fahey on notice that the men’s semi-final will not be a one-way affair. (6/1 6/0 6/3)

In what proved to be the match of the tournament so far the youthful French champion Matthieu Sarlangue, kept the world’s greatest player, Rob Fahey, honest by punishing anything loose and requiring Rob on several occasions to step up to top gear. The match showed some vintage Rob Fahey forces and volley at very important times to close out the sets. (6/4 6/3 6/3).

Hobart Women’s Champion Kate Brown played one of the UK ‘s rising juniors, Jess Garside. Jess used her superior fitness to her advantage and her controlled ground strokes made it difficult for Kate to win many games. Kate’s knowledge of the court and more forceful game kept her in the match and resulted in a credible performance (6/2 6/3)

Graeme Bradfield

ARTA President


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