Australian Open 2018 | Day 2

Hobart’s newest Professional, Zak Eadle, took on one of the Clubs best amateurs, ex professional Tony Blom. Zak’s tight and quick paced game managed to nullify the Club’s best left handed railroad, and although the games were tight Zak came through a comfortable winner.  (6/1 6/26/2)

The first of the women’s matches saw the Club President, Christine Stirling, playing bravely against the US Women’s Champion Saskia Bollerman. However, Christine had no answers for the consistent accuracy of Saskia. (6/0 6/0)

One of the matches of the day saw the recently returned, highly rated, Karen Toates, playing the Hobart Women’s Champion, Kate Brown. In the first set Kate seemed to be having it all her own way and went to a 5/3 lead before Karen determinedly came back to a gripping 5 all deuce game. Kate closed out the set with two forces then went on to win the second set and the match (6/5 6/1).

Claire Fahey, Women’s World Champion, in the next match showed why she is clearly the number one seed as she clinically dispatched Hobart’s newest and talented women’s recruit, Helen Rackham. (6/0 6/0)

In the highly anticipated tussle between Bathurst Cup team mates Paul Rosedale (Melbourne) and Pete Boyles (Hobart) the first set did not live up to expectations as Paul appeared nervous and made several mistakes. The second set was completely different as the games went with serves and Paul battled his was back from 5/3 down to 5 all 30 all before Pete made an unbelievable return off the tambour to regain the serve and clinch the set. The third set initially followed serves but Pete managed to keep the serve and win the set convincingly. (6/1 6/5 6/2)

In the last match played in front of a boisterous cocktail party crowd, Jo See Tan (Melbourne), played Isabel Candy (UK). Jo See had trouble landing her very fast left handed railroad and Isabel chased down those that landed. Isabel continued to play tightly which restricted Jo See from being able to force any winners. The crowd enjoyed the match which was tighter than the scores suggest. (6/1 6/1)

Graeme Bradfield

ARTA Chair


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