Hobart Real Tennis Club


Monday 6 November 2017 at 6pm

Trophy Room – 45 Davey Street Hobart

Voting Method for Ballots for Committee Membership

Business of the Meeting

  1. The Committee proposes that the meeting make a Special Resolution to alter the Club Rules as follows –

Amend Rule 25(4) (second occurring) by –

  • deleting the number (4) and substituting (5) 
  • deleting ‘postal’ 
  1. The meeting is convened by the committee under Rule 12(1) of the Club Rules 2001.
  1. The special resolution is required by s18(1) of the Associations Incorporation Act 1964.



  1. In the past 5 years, there have been two occasions, where interest to serve on the Club Committee has resulted in the need for a ballot to be held.
  1. On both occasions, the Club Rules and By-laws have been found to be inadequate as they require postal voting, and the Club does not have the postal addresses of all its members. There is also a considerable cost involved in postal voting.
  1. The current by-laws for the holding of ballots (made in 1997) also contain complex preferential voting processes for officers of the Club, and no similar process for ordinary members of the Committee.
  1. The difficulties with the Rules and the By-laws have only been overcome by the goodwill of the candidates in all agreeing to alternative ballot procedures.
  1. On both occasions, however, Club members have indicated their concern about the lack of anonymity when making their vote and risks of breaches of confidentiality with the procedures proposed. The current Committee understands the concerns of the members.
  1. The Committee this proposes that new Rule 25(5) will state –

“In an election held by ballot, the procedure shall be by voting undertaken in accordance with by-laws approved and published by the Committee at least 30 days prior to the annual general meeting.’ 

  1. The re-numbering is simply to correct a typo.
  1. Should the Special General Meeting agree to the rule change, the Committee proposes to make a by-law which will authorise the use of an electronic voting system, ie voting confidentially by email. Such systems are already available and used by other Clubs.
  1. So that the members are aware of what is proposed, the Committee has prepared a new draft ‘Ballots By-law’. Should the members support the rule change, the Committee will rescind the current Ballots By-laws and replace them with the proposed draft by-law below.


Draft HRTC Ballots By-law

The Ballots By-laws made by the Committee on 18 September and 10 November 1997 are hereby rescinded.

The following procedure applies where an election by ballot is to be held pursuant to Rule 25(5).

  1. Where an election for the position of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer is required and there is more than one nominee for the position in question, a membership ballot for the position or positions may be conducted via email. 
  1. Where an election is required for the position of ordinary Committee member (6 positions) because there are more than six nominees for the positions, a membership ballot for the 6 committee positions may be conducted via email. 
  1. In a ballot for the position of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer, members shall vote for one only of the nominees for the respective position. 
  1. The member nominating for the respective position who receives the most votes is elected to the position. 
  1. In a ballot for ordinary membership of the Committee, members may vote for up to six of the nominees, but may vote for a lesser number. 
  1. The six nominees for ordinary committee membership who receive the most votes are elected to the Committee. 
  1. The Committee will approve any electronic voting system to be forwarded to members via email. The system must enable votes to be recorded and to transmit a member’s vote on a strictly confidential basis. The Public Officer will advise the members of the details of the electronic voting system and its features, prior to the ballot. 
  1. Where a ballot via email is to be conducted, the Committee will appoint two persons, independent of the Club members, to receive, record and advise the outcome of the ballot to the Annual General Meeting. 
  1. In the event of an equal number of votes for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer, a ballot for the tied positions shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting, by the members present, voting in writing for the tied position(s). 
  1. Where the six positions for ordinary committee member are not resolved because, for example two or three of the nominees for the sixth position have an equal number of votes, a ballot for the tied position(s) shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting, by the members present, voting in writing for the tied position(s). 
  1. The chair of the Annual General Meeting will appoint two scrutineers from the members present to receive and record the voting at the Annual General Meeting and report the outcome to the meeting. 
  1. At the completion of an electronic ballot and any AGM written ballot, if required, the record of the votes shall be deleted or destroyed as the case may be.


By-law approved and made by the Committee on  /  /2017





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