National D Grade Singles | 27-28 May

Click HERE to download an entry form

Daring? Dapper? Defiant? Distinguished? No matter what type of D-Grader you are, HRTC is calling all local (and interstate) players with a Handicap of 40+ to enter the National D Grade Singles Tournament 27-28th May.

The main event will be played as level singles, and those who don’t make it in the first round will be able to play in a handicap singles plate event (so you’re guaranteed a few games!).

There will be a Tournament Dinner Saturday night in the Trophy Room – all members are welcome.

We will also be organising some activities for those coming from interstate whose  partners are not playing tennis. (subject to interest)

Basically it will be an awesome weekend of tennis and socialsing.  Hope to see you there!



One thought on “National D Grade Singles | 27-28 May

  1. I will now have to write it all again , but can do that on return , 2 or 3 days before Warren Soundy ( I got silvo seeing the 100 years Trophy for Soundys 1983 was in 2 pieces , top in trophy cupboard, the base / bottom , in Clubroom , very tarnished, & incorrectly labelled, which , I’ve offered to attend to ,
    Warren Soundy
    Wonksdog xx

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