HRTC 2017 Committee

A Update from the HRTC President

Dear Members
Seasons greetings to you and your family.  Our HRTC AGM was held on 6th December 2016 and was well attended. A vote was held for the six general committee member positions as we had more nominations than positions, which shows a pleasing enthusiasm from our members. The new committee held its first meeting on Tuesday 13th December and new sub-committees and Chairs were appointed. The new HRTC committee structure is:
  • President – Christine Stirling
  • Vice PresidentJohn Ramsay (Deputy – Membership and Club Development)
  • Treasurer – Hans Drielsma (Chair – Finance & Risk)
  • Secretary/Public Officer – Nichola Millard (Chair – Membership and Club Development)
  • Committee MemberJohn Davis (Deputy -Membership and Club Development)
  • Committee MemberPaul Dunne (IT Project lead and Deputy Member Function and Services)
  • Committee Member – Justin Legg (Chair – Facilities Management)
  • Committee MemberMichelle Moores (Chair – Member Function and Services)
  • Committee MemberJeremy Rackham (Deputy – Tennis Program)
  • Committee Member – Al Ramsay (Chair – Tennis Program)
It is an honour to take up the position of President of the HRTC and I hope I can continue the strong leadership provided by those who have held this role before me. I would like to thank those who have come off the committee, all of whom have provided great service to the club – Graeme Bradfield, Simon Dwyer, David Mitchell, and John Moores.
As a committee we will keep you up to date with regular newsletters. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or issues, and we will welcome your help on any of the sub-committees or events in the coming year.
I look forward to seeing you at the Club
Christine Stirling
HRTC President

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