Voting Process & Ballot Paper


The current club by-laws do not clearly provide for a process for voting on the 6 ordinary committee member positions where we receive more than 6 nominations.
As there are in effect no applicable rules, the recommended approach, which has been agreed to by all candidates and the current committee is:

  • All members to vote for up to 6 candidates for ordinary committee member by placing an X in the box next to the candidate(s) name
  • Each vote will be of equal value
  • When the votes are tallied, the candidate with the most number of votes will be first elected, the second highest number of votes second elected etc…until the 6th position is filled
  • In the event of an equality of votes, both candidates will be elected, provided it is not for the 6th position
  • If there are 2 or more candidates tied for the 6th position or even 3 candidates tied for the 5th and 6th positions, those positions will be filled by a show of hands at the AGM as provided for in the by-laws

The above process will be simple for the scrutineers, is fair and easy to administer.

Returning your vote

All votes must be returned to the tennis club by 6pm Friday 2 December 2016
A locked box will be available at the tennis club for you to return your vote from today until the closing time.
Interstate Members will need to post their votes back to the club in time to arrive prior to the commencement of the AGM.

Mail to:
Hobart Real Tennis Club
Committee Ballot
45 Davey St
Hobart   TAS   7000

Blank ballots and envelopes to secure your vote will be available at the club or DOWNLOAD A BALLOT PAPER HERE


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