HRTC new Club Doubles Championship dates

You may be aware that due to a number of factors, the 2016 HRTC singles & doubles Club Championships are now running way behind schedule. While a few of the doubles events are near completion, there is much work to be done on many of the other events. As a consequence, some of our Doubles Club Championships have been moved to weekend time slots to facilitate their completion within a reasonable time-frame. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause those planning on playing in these events and changes to improve the administration of these events will be implemented for next year.

HRTC New Doubles Club Championship Dates:

Class 1 (Handicaps less than 20)            7pm, Friday December 2nd. Following the HRTC Annual General Meeting

Class 2 (Handicaps 21-30)                        Only a final remaining, to proceed as normal

Class 3 (Handicaps 31-40)                        Only a final remaining, to proceed as normal

Class 4 (Handicaps 41-50)                        Saturday/Sunday December 3rd/4th

Class 5 (Handicaps 51-60)                        Saturday/Sunday November 26th/27th

Class 6 (Handicaps 61-70)                        Saturday November 19th

Class 7 (Handicaps 71+)                            Sunday November 20th

As well as the changes above, shortly graded singles Club Championship events will be created. To ensure that we can complete the draws as quickly as possible, and start new draws next year, each class will be limited to the top 8 players for each class. The Club professional’s will endeavor to play these matches as quickly as possible and ask members to provide as much flexibility with match organisation as possible. If you would like to participate in one of the Club Championship events or have a query or concern…please feel free to contact Brett at the Club or our Chair of Tennis, Al Ramsay.

Good luck to you all,


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