Committee Nomination Form & EOI Sub Committees

The Hobart Real Tennis Club is planning to introduce a system that allows for a more broad ranging section of the membership to provide input into Club.  Currently the Constitution of the Club allows for it to be governed by a main Committee of ten individuals (four of whom are Office Bearers – President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary) who are responsible for managing Club matters. This structure will not change.

Additionally the Club is seeking expressions of interest from members interested in joining new Sub-Committees, which will provide input and support to the main Committee.
Each of the following areas will have a sub-committee:

  • Building & Grounds
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Social / Functions
  • Tennis
  • Finance
  • IT

It is envisaged that each portfolio will be made up of a main Committee member who will Chair the group and an additional eight to ten people who have either an interest or skills in the above areas.   These groups would meet monthly and address issues, plan and implement new initiatives, and areas of improvement that relate to their portfolio. The Chair would be responsible for providing information back to the main Committee and gaining approval for initiatives.

The rationale behind this change is not only to allow a greater voice for all members in matters of the Club, but also to provide support to the main Committee so that the workload can be spread across a group rather than falling to an individual.

If you feel you have the time and would like to be part of one of the Sub Committees, please contact Brett at the Club and let him know the area that you would like to join.

If you wish to contribute to the running of the Club and have the time to take on the responsibility of being a main Committee member, please submit a nomination. Click HERE to download a nomination form.

We hope that members get behind this initiative and show their support by volunteering some of their time once a month to make our already great Club even better.

Thanks and kind regards
HRTC Committee


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