Member Update | June 2016

Your committee has been active in laying the groundwork for the future growth and prosperity of the club.

The renovations to the court last year continue to serve us well, albeit that some warranty work has been required to the plastering. We also experienced some moisture issues during the recent downpours, and are consulting some experts to address them. We have managed to pay down about a third of the loan we took out to undertake the renovations.

You will be aware that we have recruited a new Head Professional who will begin in early August. We are very pleased to have Brett join us, to step into the very big shoes that Barry will leave.

Over the next month we will develop a new forward looking strategic plan that will look at the improvement of our committee processes, a more proactive development of membership, particularly aiming at younger recruits and women, and more proactive development of our lower handicap players.

Plans for the renovation of the kitchen are well advanced, and should start within the next eight weeks. This will not only enhance amenity for members, but improve our ability to generate revenue from external functions.

You will appreciate that these initiatives come at some cost to the club. The committee has adopted a budget for 2016 aimed at meeting our annual costs and paying down the remaining debt over the next 2-3 years, and thereafter building up a fund against future club maintenance and improvement.

As part of the annual review, we have revised both membership and court fees to meet this budget, and these will take effect from July 1. They incorporate increases averaging about 5%.

Thank you to all those who have co-operated in our efforts to ensure club accounts are paid promptly. This has been important in conserving our cash, and keeping fee increases to a minimum. I would however again remind members that our terms are 30 days and that further efforts to ensure timely payments will allow us to pay down our loan more quickly.

Thank you for your continuing support of the club, and I hope you will continue to regularly enjoy its facilities,

Yours Sincerely

John Moores



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