Welcome to Our New Members – 24th May



Friday 24th May the Club is having a night to greet new Members and invites all members of the Club to drop in.

The drinks, provided by the Club for the first hour, will start at 5.30pm. At 6.30pm you may buy your own drinks and all profit will go to our Junior Tournament Fund. Pizza will also be served during the evening so come and enjoy your Club and the facilities it provides.

From 6pm -7pm there will be an exhibition match between Graham Hyland and Barry Toates v Al Ramsay and Pete Boyles. You will see the names of all four of these players highlighted on the Honour Boards and Trophies in the Butler Room and should feel free to come and chat to them about the game and their experiences if you wish.  When you consider there are only 46 of these courts in the world we are very lucky to be able to enjoy this unique and fascinating game.

We hope as many members as possible will take this opportunity to welcome new members, see a high standard doubles and enjoy the Club atmosphere.

We will need some idea of numbers to facilitate the food and drinks so please let Barry know if you can make it or fill in the form below.

This same weekend, 25th, 26th we are staging the Australian Amateur Junior Singles and would encourage members to come and support Australia’s rising stars!


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