A well played (and well earned) rest

It is not often that people get to play a sport they love for over 50 years, especially in this day and age where a sports person is considered “past their prime” by age 30!!

However the Hobart Real Tennis Club is proud to say that our very own George Casimaty, President from 1976 – 1978, former consulting Engineer, and all round good guy has achieved this milestone.
George came to the game in the 60s and has remained a dedicated player and Club member. He represented the Club in several Percy Finch teams and was one of the driving forces during the Clubs difficult years as well as serving on the committee for many of those.

The time has come however, for George to take a break from tennis and give someone else a go in the Tuesday night doubles spot.  So I would like to take this opportunity to invite members to join with me and wish George well. We hope that he continues to grace the Club with his good humour and guile – even if only at social occasions or supporting from the Dedans.

Graeme Bradfield, President


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