Commonwealth Challenge Winners

The Commonwealth Challenge winners were:

Open ‘A’ Singles

Winner           Graeme Bradfield                  Runner-up                   Greg Kerin

Open ‘B’ Singles 

Winner          Sav Cremona                  Runner-up                   Graham Flower

Open ‘C’ Singles

Winner         Rod Tabor                           Runner-up                  John Davis

Handicap Singles

Winner           David Askey-Doran                  Runner-up                   Eryl Raymond


Winner          John Davis/Tim Manby-Brown                 Runner-up                   Rod Tabor/Nick Manby-Brown

And a big THANK YOU to Sue Davis, Eryl Raymond and Christine Stirling for the wonderful end of tournament dinner they provided!

John Davies & Tim Manby-Brown

John Davies & Tim Manby-Brown

Graeme Bradfield

Graeme Bradfield

Eryl Raymond

Eryl Raymond

Sav Cremona

Sav Cremona


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