Judith Clarke 2012

Over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd September 2012 a group of Hobart women played for the Judith Clarke Cup with RMTC hosting the event. Kate Brown, Julianne Drewitt, Biz Ritchard, Michelle Moores, Sue Davis and Chris Stirling took on the Melbourne Team of Anabelle Guest, Isabelle Carr, Georgie Lewis, Lesley O’Byrne, Natasha Heughan, Amy Hayball, and Kathryn Arndt.  Hobart support crew included Ian Ritchard and John Davis.

The weekend started with a famous Frankie and Lizzie pizza night, followed by karaoke at its best (it needs to be out of tune to be real karaoke after all).

The Saturday’s play was competitive and matches were close over the day, with 4 all then 6 all. Unfortunately Melbourne pulled away in the end to win the Cup for the 3rd year in a row by 8 matches to 6 helped by the amazing serves of the Melbourne women.

Kate Brown and Julianne Drewitt also won through in the semi-finals of the Australian Women’s Amateur Doubles on Saturday to move into the final. The third set against Jo Edwards and Wendy Whitehead was tense as at 1 set all, the score went to 5 all and love-forty, but the Hobart pair pulled through.

Saturday night saw us all attending Binh Minh, the Melbourne Tennis Club’s favorite Vietnamese restaurant. The food just kept coming and was delicious. Unfortunately there was no ‘running of the rafters’ or ‘handstands on the pier’ as people retired early in preparation for the Sunday Judith Clarke ‘Mixed Doubles’ handicap and the Australian Women’s Amateur Doubles

L – R Julianne Drewitt, Kate Brown, Rose Snell, Amy Hayball

The mixed doubles was a friendly affair on Sunday, with one Hobart team member being paired with one Melbourne team member as a doubles pair. The finals were won by Anabelle Guest and Christine Stirling, with Michelle Moores and Isabelle Carr the runners up.

The final of the Australian Women’s Amateur Doubles was won by Rose Snell and Amy Hayball 6-1 6-2. However with Julianne now out of retirement, we expect next year’s result could be different.

Thanks to the professionals who supported the weekend so well, Kate Leeming, Jonathan Howell, Paul Tabley and Frank Fillipelli. Thanks also to those who supported a great weekend with lunch preparations on the Saturday and Sunday and cheering by Merrin Mackay (though after 3 years by the pool at RMTC she wasn’t sure who to cheer for!).

We are all looking forward to hosting the Judith Clarke Tournament in Hobart next year, and hopefully the outcome will be slightly different.

Written by Christine Stirling



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