Australian Open 17 August 2012

Match Results

Women’s Singles

C. Vigrass d. S. Vigrass 6/0, 6/3.

Men’s Singles

R. Fahey d. S. Virgona 6/5, 6/3, 6/1.

Graeme Bradfield writes

Ah singles finals day !!

After a week of sorting out who should be finalists, it all comes down to a last couple of hours of the finest tennis, where players and crowd know there is nowhere left to hide!

Women’s Final – C. Vigrass v. S. Vigrass

High noon saw the Vigrass sisters replay their final here from a couple of years ago. Whilst they have both improved from their handicaps, then in the twenties, Claire has had the benefit of an on hand coach in the form of the men’s world champion, and this has assisted her to be far and away the best female player in the world, by probably ten points. She served tightly and Sarah played great retrieving tennis with several games going to deuce, and having several game points, but she could not manage any of these, and the first set went to Claire 6/0.

The next set started the same, but this time Sarah got a couple of the advantages early, and at 3/3 it looked like there would be a closer match. However Claire’s drag serve kept winning her vital points and she mercilessly won the last three games from there to win 6/3.

Men’s Final – R. Fahey v. S. Virgona

The men’s final was played at 6pm to a large crowd, packed into the Hobart court. There were supporters on both sides as the players immediate families live in Hobart! Rob was born and bred here and Steve’s Mum and sister having moved to Hobart several years ago.

The start of the first set was similar to their recent World Championship match, with both players slightly hesitant and feeling their way as to serves and drives. But not for long ! They traded games, with Rob winning each odd game as they went to 2/2. The tempo kept increasing with both players relentlessly finding the Dedans every time the other made a mistake from the service end. The chosen winning shot from the service end was the one well known to Hobart players, around the base of the main wall tambour, but never executed as well as these two. Time after time they sought out the main wall first before the tambour, low and with a touch of curl, to take it even further around the back of the other player. Rob showed why he leaves others in his wake as he repeatedly volleyed or caressed the tambour shots down to the back hand, short with further work on it. The games kept going in order but the last one had two telling shots. A full blooded straight drive by Steve to the dedans, was punched quicker than you could see by Rob under the grille, for Rob to go to 40/15. On the following point Rob dispatched another volley just as aggressively past the tambour. 6/5 to the champ.

The next set saw Steve trying a few different serves to break Rob’s rhythm, but to no avail. Time and again, fantastic boasts that would be winners against most other players in the world, were coming back from both players low, and sometimes even re boasted,  with the poor balls copping a pounding in the process! Rob however sensed the lack of court time in Steve was starting to tell and to his credit tried really hard to get everything from 4/3 on to take the set 6/3.

The last set found Steve out of aces, as Rob served tight railroad after tighter railroad to restrict Steve to backhand returns and slides down the line. It looked like Rob’s back was starting to twinge and he clearly was not going to be out on the court any longer than he had to be, as he picked up his ‘forty something’ grand slam title, 6/1 in the third!

Today sees the local Booth boys take on the best doubles pair in the world in Fahey & Virgona and the Vigrass sisters take on the RMTC pair of Kate Leeming and Amy Hayball.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Matches Saturday 18 August

Women’s Doubles Final

11:00 am C. Vigrass & S. Vigrass v. K. Leeming & A. Hayball

Men’s Doubles Final

2:00 pm R. Fahey & S. Virgona v. K. Booth & H. Booth

Matches can be seen on live streaming


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