Australian Open 16 August 2012

Results Today

Men’s Doubles

R. Fahey & S. Virgona d. M. Happell & B. Richardson 6/2, 6/2, 6/1.

K. Booth & H. Booth d. F. Filippelli & C. Chapman 3/6, 6/2, 6/1, 5/6, 6/5.

Women’s Singles

S. Vigrass d. K. Leeming 0/6, 6/0, 6/3.

President Graeme Bradfield writes –

Today saw the semis of the men’s doubles and the last place for the ladies singles decided.

Fahey & Virgona v. Happell & Richardson

First up the best doubles pair in the world Fahey and Virgona easily account for the RMTC champions Richardson and Happell. It was always going to be a tough ask for the amateur pair not only because they were playing the best two players, but also because they were carrying niggling injuries sustained in their singles games earlier in the week! The score line reflected this with Fahey/Virgona the model of consistency 6/2 6/2 6/1.

K. Booth & H. Booth v. Filippelli & Chapman

The next semi though, lived up to its draw card of being the tightest of matches. The Booth brothers have both dropped their handicaps over the last couple of years by over 5 points and now are probably the best amateur pair in the world having won the Australian Amateur title several times and beaten various professional pairs as well. However the Pros, Filippelli and Chapman started well and with Frank Filippelli making few mistakes and Chris Chapman volleying strongly. They took the first set 6/3. The next two sets however were a different matter with the Booths serving far more strongly and keeping the serve as well, as errors starting to creep into the pros game.The fourth set defined the match where the serve changed regularly and both pairs made few mistakes. It seemed there was nothing that could not be returned somehow. It was won by the Pros from the service end 6/5. The final set was very similar and this time it was the pros that just could not hang in there and the Booths ran out eventual winners 6/5 in a marathon of just over 3 hours.

Leeming v. S.Vigrass

The doubles match was followed by the Ladies semi where the RMTCs professional and international bike tourer Kate Leeming took on Sarah Vigrass from the UK. The first set was dominated by Kate who did not miss a shot and served tight side walls and undercuts to take it 6/0 ! The second set was a mirror reversal with Sarah serving much tighter and getting everything back and with Kate just hitting the tape on lots of good shots. That meant 6/0 to Sarah. The final set started with Sarah continuing her winning way but Kate was not to be denied that easily and fought back at 3/0 to be deuce at 4/3 where a hard fought game with lots of deuces really decided the set and the match, Sarah eventually running out a winner at 6/3.

Matches Tommorrow Friday 17 August

Women’s Singles

12:00 pm – C. Vigrass v. S. Vigrass

Men’s Singles

6:00 pm – R. Fahey v. S. Virgona

Watch the matches on live streaming on


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