Australian Open 15 August 2012

Today’s Results

Women’s Singles

C. Vigrass d A. Hayball 6/0, 6/0.

Men’s Singles

R. Fahey d F. Filippell1 6/2, 6/2, retd.

S. Virgona d. K. Booth 5/6, 6/3, 6/2, 6/4.

President Graeme Bradfield writes –

The men’s semis were played in great spirit with the competitors well aware of their opponents games and what to expect!

Fahey v. Filippelli

The first match pitted what looked to be a supremely fit Frank Filippelli against the World Champion Rob Fahey. Frank and Rob have not only played each other many times but they used to practice together often at RMTC in the years that Rob worked there. One thing Frank does is retrieve fantastically and this he did for two long first sets where everything Rob hit came back to a decent length making Rob hit it again. However a lot of firepower is needed to put the ball away against someone of Rob’s speed and so Frank’s well placed shots were returned to the opposite corner repeatedly until he finally felt a small hamstring tear develop towards the end of the second set. Frank who never breaks down could not believe he could no longer run and had to stop at 6/2 6/2.

Vigrass v. Hayball

The second match saw the first of the ladies semis with Amy Hayball of RMTC taking on the World Champion Claire Vigrass for the first time on the Hobart court. Claire who is clearly the best ladies player for a long time cruised through the match. She showed why it is so difficult to get the ladies to line up to play her, as she served so tightly there was little chance of a chase, and then she returned with such pace that she was soon serving again! The Hobart crowd appreciated the level of play of the ladies champion and also that Amy supported  the Hobart tournament as it was such a tough draw.

Virgona v. Booth

The second men’s semi had it all, with the local boy Kieran Booth exploding all out, to surprise the no 2 in the world Steve Virgona with a great display of tight angles, retrieving and full forces for the Dedans backhand and forehand. Steve who had not dropped a game in the first rounds now dropped six of them, to lose the first set 6/5 and war was declared !!! He upped the tempo of his returns (as if that was possible the way the two were hitting it) but he also gritted his teeth to deal with Kieran’s forces better and tightened his floor strokes to reduce the opportunities for winners. It worked, and whilst tight, he took the next set 6/3. The next set saw more of the same with it going Steve’s way 6/2. But the local boy was not done yet and whilst Steve went to a 4/1 lead in the fourth, Kieran fought back to nearly level, before he started to run out of petrol to an amazingly fit Virgona, and just could not get the power and speed he had in the early stages of the match. Steve taking the last set 6/4.

Matches on Thursday 16 August

10:00 am R. Fahey & S. Virgona v. M. Happell & B. Richardson

12:00 pm K. Booth & H. Booth v. F. Filippelli & C. Chapman

4:30 pm S. Vigrass v. K. Leeming

View the matches on live streaming

Matches on Friday 17 August

12:00 pm Women’s Final

6:00pm Men’s Final – R. Fahey v. S. Virgona

Matches on Saturday 18 August

11:00 am Women’s Doubles Final- C. Vigrass & S. Vigrass v. K. Leeming & A. Hayball

2:00 pm Men’s Doubles Final


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