Australian Open 14 August 2012

Men’s Doubles Results Tuesday 14 August

M. Happell & B. Richardson d. G. Hyland & N. Howell 6/4, 6/4, 6/1.

K. Booth & H. Booth d. A Fowler & B. McFarlane 6/0, 6/2, 6/1.

Graeme Bradfield’s Account of the Matches

It was the best of times : it was the worst of times !!

So it was for the Pros on day three, the worst, with neither of the professional pairs winning a set from the amateur pairs. Mind you the two pairs in question are probably the best two amateur pairs in the world at the moment!

In the first quarter final Bret Richardson and Michael Happell with only one good leg each, after both sustaining injuries in their ingles, used their experience as a pair to account for the young Nick Howell and old wise fox Graham Hyland 6/4 6/4 6/1. In the first two sets, Richardson and Happell took an early lead only to see some great retrieving by Nick Howell get the Pros back into the set. However their coolness under pressure won out and in the final set the fight was gone from the Pros who realised they were not in the hunt against the aggressive volleying by Bret and consistent returns by Happell.

However, that match was still closer than the next quarter final. Hilton Booth was everywhere and his elder brother was just happy he was on his side, as they blitzed the Ballarat boys of Brett McFarlane and Andrew Fowler 6/0 in the first set in about ten minutes without spending much time at the Hazard end. From there they didn’t stop, taking the next two sets 6/2 6/1. The Booth brothers barely had to say a word as Hilton chopped off anything within 5 metres of him and Kieran controlled his forcing with pin point accuracy for the first time this week.

Matches on Wednesday 15 August

Women’s Singles

10:00am C. Vigrass v. A. Hayball

Men’s Singles

11:30am R. Fahey v. F. Filippelli

3:00pm S. Virgona v. K. Booth

Live streaming will be available on


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