Australian Open Men’s Singles 1st Round

R. Fahey d. N. Howell 6/2, 6/0, 6/2; A. Fowler d. G. Hyland 6/2, 6/2 (retd)

M. Happell d. G Blundstone 6/0, 6/3, 6/1; F. Filippelli d. P. Escourt 6/1, 6/0, 6/0

K. Booth d. M. Williams 4/6, 6/1, 6/2, 6/4; C. Chapman d. H. Booth 6/2, 6/1, 6/1

B. Richardson d. B McMarlane 6/1, 6/4, 5/6, 6/2; S. Virgona d. A. Ramsay 6/0, 6/0, 6/0


One thought on “Australian Open Men’s Singles 1st Round

  1. Love receiving tennis reports but I am not really into my own blog at the moment
    But just love the tennis part & history etc
    Well done you guys who with the hrtc’s glam Nikki for putting it all together souwa Warren wonks warrane Soundo xx luv it

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