The Trophy Room is 25 !!!

Cutting the Trophy Room Celebration Cake (l to r) Julian Joscelyne, Janet Thorp, Charlie Miller, Ian Ritchard, Alistair Curley, Julie-Anne Drewitt, Michael Edwards

At the Trophy Room celebration on Wed 1 August, there were reminiscences for members from the 80s and before, and for more recent members a realisation about how the Club once was, before the addition of the Trophy Room to the Club facilities in 1987.

Among the 40 members at the party were members of the Committees from the late 80s who built the Trophy Room and breathed party life into it. Alistair Curley was the Club Professional at the time and travelled from Melbourne for the event. Committee members of the day who attended were Janet Thorp, Michael Edwards, Charlie Miller and Julian Joscelyne and Kevin Wagner and Liz Hallam apologised for not being able to attend. Other contemporary members who attended were Julie-Anne Drewitt and Ian Ritchard.

A display of photographs showed the sole room that the Club had available for social functions prior 1987 (now the Butler Room), which was also the Pros work area and office!! The photos also showed the different stages of the building of the Trophy Room, its official opening and the first tournament function held in the room.

Club President Graeme Bradfield and Alistair Curley spoke of club social life before and after the establishment of the Trophy Room and related some of the Trophy Room activities that aren’t for publication. See Alistair Curley’s story about the room below.

Christine Stirling, Eryl Raymond, Ian Ritchard and John Ramsay provided the catering to go with the obligatory Trophy Room champagne, wine and beer.

And after the 80s Committee members cut the Trophy Room cake (see story below), chocolate mad cake with chocolate ganache was enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Brian Maxwell for bringing this special date to the Club’s attention.

John Howard, Will Joscelyne, Alistair Curley

John Davis and Michael Edwards

(l to r) Michael Edwards, Julie-Anne Drewitt, Julian Jsocelyne, Alistair Curley, Janet Thorp and Charlie Miller

Ian Ritchard and Graeme Bradfield

In the Trophy Room


Nikki Millard and David Mitchell

Brian Maxwell and Iain Burrows

Gordon Henry and Graeme Bradfield

Greg Kerin and Don Armstrong










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