The Trophy Room Celebration Cake

A celebration of 25 years of the Trophy Room couldn’t happen without a cake, and the Club is fortunate that one of its members, Cathy McComb is a professional cake decorator. You can find her business at  Cathy also runs cake decorating classes from the Trophy Room, which demonstrates the versatility of the Trophy Room.

The cake she created for the celebration was topped with a gold trophy, set in a gathered Trophy room white table cloth. Cathy had planned to include the usual red wine stains on the cloth, but she thought better of it, as people might have thought that she had cut her finger while decorating the cake.

The front of the cake reflected the original use of the building as a stable, with 3 horses in residence. The use of the building just prior to the development of the room, as an architect’s office, was portrayed on one side and then the downstairs use, when the Trophy Room was established, a hairdressing salon, was displayed on the other side.

While the outside told the story, the cake eating was a great. A more than sufficient and tasty chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache was available for all to enjoy.



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