2012 President’s Cup in Hobart

The 2012 President’s Cup between RMTC & HRTC was played at the chilly Hobart court on the weekend of 28 & 29 July. Top temperature for the weekend was 11 degrees and the Hobart court was already cold with the winter weather.

Melbourne sent a team of 12 players – Robert Falconer, Evelyn Howard, Jon Hamer, Michelle O’Rorke, Mark Millar, Andrea Hamer, Chris Webb, Andrew Schnaider, Georgie Lewis, Julie Davies, Richard Travers and Kim Dudson. They were supported by Sylvia Grobtuch and Caroline Travers.

21 Hobart players took to the court over the weekend – Brian Maxwell, Bruce Haliday, Hilton Booth, Christine Stirling, Iain Burrows, Eryl Raymond, Simon Dwyer, Hans Drielsma, Alex Colbert, Ray Lowenthal, Peter Scollard, Matthew Kelly, Patrick Bradfield, John Davis, Graeme Blundstone, John Herbert, Graeme Holloway, Andrew Scobie, Graham Flower, Andrew Kemp and Graeme Bradfield.

At the end of the first days play, Melbourne were ahead 8/4 and in the 3rd last match on the Sunday morning, Richard Travers and Georgie Lewis had a 9/1 win over Andrew Kemp and Peter Scollard, to give RMTC an unbeatable 10 matches. But Hobart picked up the last two matches for a close weekend result of 10/9 to RMTC.

The weather was just right for a mid year/ mid winter Christmas dinner and that was the theme for the festivities and the dining in the Trophy Room, on the Saturday evening.


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