Fancy Yourself a Bit of a Player?

As a fun way to kick off the Australian Open, Hobart Real Tennis Club is running a Pro Am Tournament on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th August. 

Nothing puts you closer to the tennis action than participating in a Pro-Am tournament and you get the rare chance to live out your real tennis dream by pairing up with one of the world’s premier professionals during this exciting and engaging event.

Pro-Am participants will get the opportunity to compete alongside Rob Fahey, Steve Virgona, Chris Chapman, Kieran Booth, Frank Filippelli, Jonathan Howell, Nick Howell, Andrew Fowler, Barry Toates, Brett McFarlane, Graham Hyland and if you’re really lucky …. Claire Vigrass!!!

To keep it fair (and make sure someone other than Claire gets some votes!) we are making it a ballot draw.  Your entry fee guarantees you a spot in the Tournament but it is up to Lady Luck to decide who you are partnered with. Players are guaranteed a minimum of 5 matches and if you make it through, a semi and a final as well.

Entries are limited to the number of Pro’s we have available so if you are interested please fill in entry form and get it back to us ASAP.

If you have any queries regarding the event please give Barry a call at the Club.  Australian Open Pro Am Entry Form


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