Maintaining the Court and the Club Rooms

Court and building maintenance is always a work in progress at Hobart, given the age of the buildings. There was a good turnout of members last Sunday morning to attend to the ongoing tasks.

On the court, the Bandeau was repainted, as were all the black surfaces in the Galleries, and numerous ‘scuffs’ on the Court walls were touched up. And the front wall of the Dedans seating area was repainted. The walls in the Butler Room also received a clean.

In preparation for the Australian Open, Bob Horner demonstrated the ‘workings’ of the extra raised seating for the area behind the Dedans, which will enable more dedans viewing of the tennis in August.

Thanks to Brian Maxwell for organising the maintenance session and to Ron Booth, Sally Crosby, Hans Drielsma, Anthony James, Stewart McLean, Nikki Millard, and Christine Stirling for their work on Sunday morning.

A further working bee is planned for Sunday 5 August (not involving closure of the Court). If necessary, a ‘late night touch-up’ for the Court will be organised immediately prior to the Australian Open.


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