Club Prints, Photos and Memorabilia

Recently some additions and changes to the Club collection of prints and photos have been appeared on the walls.

Dedans Foyer

In the dedans foyer a framed poster of the Rules of Tennis has been hung near to the entrance to the side gallery. This poster is quite rare and the original framed poster is itself now framed.

Barry Toates advises that in 1875, Samuel Smith-Travers who built the Hobart Court also wrote a book, ‘A Treatise on Tennis’ which has recently been reproduced. On Pages 31 to 34 of his book he has written ‘The Rules of the Game of Tennis’. At the same time, he produced a number of Posters (possibly four) with exactly the same wording as in the book. Today there are no more than six of Smith-Travers original books in circulation and less of the posters which make them highly desirable to collectors and most valuable items.

And the artist’s proof of the painting of the new Monk in the grille, is hanging on the wall just near the first door entrance to the Butler Room. Donated to the Club by artist Luke Wagner, (as was the original grille painting) prints of the painting are available for sale from the Club.

Pros Room/Women’s Change Room – Passage

In the downstairs passage that leads to the women’s change room, on the wall opposite the Pros Room, there are 2 additional World Championship Photos. One from the 1994 world championship at the Hobart Club has been relocated from the dedans.  This match between Rob Fahey and Wayne Davies and was the first world championship match in Hobart. Rob Fahey won the Hobart leg of the match. A photo of the 2010 world championship in Melbourne (donated by Alistair Curley) has also been added. In this match Rob Fahey defeated Steve Virgona 7/2 .These two photos are separated by a photo of a major international tournament held in Hobart in 1982. It was the final of the Governors Cup, in which then world champion Chris Ronaldson defeated Graham Hyland in 5 sets.

Further along the passage is a collection of photos of members of the Club take at irregular intervals over the years. There are photos from 1876, 1895, 1900, 1902, 1923, 1950, 1963 and 1966. To this collection is added the year 2000 photo of members, taken to celebrate 125 of the Club. It is the first time that women appear in a Club photo !!!!

Over the past decade the Hobart Club has had considerable success at the junior level (U26) with continued representation nationally, initially in the Clothier Cup (v USA) and now in the Limb Trophy (v UK). The autographed (Kieran Booth, Pete Boyles & Al Ramsay) 2001 Clothier Cup shirt has been moved from the dedans foyer to the downstairs passage and a collection of Clothier Cup team photos will be added to the one photo now relocated there, of the 1999 Clothier Cup team which included Pete Boyles and Kieran Booth.

Butler Room

In the Butler Room, the framed photo of the original (played in Hobart) 1965 Percy Finch Teams (donated by Andrew Kemp), has been relocated on the wall just inside the door.

A donated 1980 print of the Tuxedo Club Court (New York – established 1899) has also be been hung in the Butler Room.

The Hurlingham Club is a private club in London, on the banks of the Thames, at Fulham. They don’t have their own tennis court, but do have an active real tennis program. The Hurlingham Pigeons last visited the Hobart Club to play tennis in 2006 and donated a print of their Club, which has been relocated from the Butler Room to be viewed with similar memorabilia in the downstairs bathroom.

Upstairs Bathroom

In the upstairs bathroom, Bevan Rees’ unique 1979 ‘A Court With No Balls’ poem, has been hung with other tennis poetic  works of perhaps a more serious nature (although that was serious at the time).

Also in that bathroom is the January 1999 Kudelka cartoon drawn for the Bathurst Cup held at the Club that year.  There were many of these cartoons in existence at the time, as they were awarded as prizes for the many tournaments that accompanied the Bathurst Cup, including a tournament that commenced at midnight.


One thought on “Club Prints, Photos and Memorabilia

  1. How could I forget that after midnight pennant. I was one of the players, we won, we celebrated and I have a signed copy of the print/framed hanging on my hall wall at home. A fun occasion.

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