The Cartledge Trophy


The Cartledge Trophy was crafted by well known Tasmanian artist and friend of the Club, Tom Samek.

The Committee commissioned Tom to design and make the trophy, and it was his concept of a jeroboam shape and sized wooden trophy that was accepted by the Club Committee and importantly, by Heather Cartledge and Jim’s children.

Inspiration and authorship for the inscription on the trophy was the work of Dick Friend. Dick’s words together with CARTLEDGE inlaid in large wooden letters and the year of Jim’s birth, 1936, were worked into and onto the trophy by Tom Samek.

The inscription on the trophy is –

Big hands tended Percy’s Vines, surgically stitched our balls and the Club members, ever grateful, drank deeply of the Cartledge wine.

Tasting Notes Bright red tartan colour huge nose, a touch of Franglais on the palate with orchestral notes lenghs and generosity a consumate doyen.

The trophy is made of cottonwood, collected by Tom from a fallen tree on Tasmania’s east coast, with the CARTLEDGE inlay being in various Tasmanian burls, and is sealed with a cedar cork. It is great to be able to honour Jim’s memory with such a unique trophy.

On receipt of the trophy, it immediately became apparent, that it needed a place to rest. And commissioned at the last minute, Graham Hyland, skilled in woodcraft of a different type, created a fine birds-eye huon pine stand in which the trophy now sits.

The trophy is currently on display in the Club foyer.



One thought on “The Cartledge Trophy

  1. Originally a new friend
    But One of the Best Men you could hope to have had contact & friendship with
    No doubt without small differences over many years
    But a Wonderfully Huge Man in every way
    You always had to love Great James Mc Cartledge few could keep up with him & as with others I will miss him in many ways not only for Our Best Game & Club in the World
    Warren (wonks) Soundy

    To Our Wonderful Man Thanks

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