The Cartledge Tournament 2012

8 doubles pairs entered the 2012 Cartledge Tournament that was played on Saturday 30 June.

There were 3 previous Cartledge winners playing, albeit with different pairs. Dave Mitchell (2010 winner) teamed with Iain Burrows, Hans Drielsma (also 2010 winner) teamed with David Askey-Doran and Duncan Hamilton (2011 winner) teamed with Brian Maxwell.

The other pairs were Anthony James and Simon Dwyer, Ron Booth and Justin Legg, and 3 family combinations, John and Michelle Moores, Sue and John Davis and David and Matthew Gadsby.

Before the matches even got underway, there were numerous email attempts to psych out opponents and some suggestions that bordered on influencing the handicapper and marker!! All good fun and it contributed to the spirit of the tennis that was played on a very cold Hobart winter Saturday.

All matches were the best of 1 seven game set, and a bisque was awarded to any team that fell behind by 2 games. There was plenty of tennis for all in a knock-out format with losers feeding back into the draw. Maxwell and Hamilton defeated Booth and Legg 4/3 in one semi -final, and the Moores accounted for Burrows and Mitchell 6/1 in their semi final.

It was the Michelle Moores and John Moores combination that prevailed in the final 5/2.

Thanks to Barry Toates for organising another competitive tournament and for marking most of the matches.


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