The Cartledge Dinner 2012

The Cartledge Dinner followed on from a successful doubles tournament (see post below) and this year’s dinner in the Trophy Room, was a ‘full house’. And it was a particularly special event as the new Cartledge Trophy had arrived. (see also below).

To unveil ‘the Cartledge’, the Club was delighted that Heather Cartledge was able to attend the dinner and do the Club the honour of revealing the Cartledge Trophy to members for the first time. Heather spoke of Jim’s love for the game, the Hobart Club, wining, dining and the great company and fellowship he enjoyed with other  Hobart tennis lovers and lovers of the game around the world. She also recalled the many additional purchases that he had made at Club fundraising auctions as a result of his often unsuccessful tactic of bidding up the price to maximise the financial benefit to the Club.

Alistair Curley travelled from Melbourne to propose the toast to Jim. In his remarks, Alistair said that Heather and Jim’s family will always be welcome a part of the tennis club family. Jim was a big man in every sense – physically, decibel level and heart. Despite proposing Warren Soundy for membership, he made a wonderful contribution to the club for over thirty years! This included as committeeman and President, host of international events, the maker of balls of when we had none and, finally, as our roving ambassador to raise funds around the tennis world for our development. He would have been thrilled with the trophy named in his honour, it suits his sense of fun. A big man and a tennis club giant.

Warren (Wonky) Soundy was amongst the diners and enjoyed both the occasion and Alistair’s remark about his membership.

And the brief but special ceremony punctuated what was a most pleasant wining and dining experience.

Members and their guests began the evening with Jansz or beer, with Jansz undoubtedly the most popular starter. And then to a great meal prepared by Biz and Ian Ritchard, who were assisted by their Italian house guest Cami Napoli.

The menu was salmon cured with orange zest as entree, a main course of slow cooked beef on celeriac with mushroom and a pickled walnut crust accompanied by green beans and baked potatoes and shaker lemon pie and ice cream for dessert.

And there was a fine Meadowbank pinot noir and equally fine sauvignon blanc to accompany the meal. Jim was once a part owner of the Glenora vineyard at Meadowbank and enjoyed his time at the vineyard and of course the wine. To accompany the trophy launch dinner, Gerald and Sue Ellis of Meadowbank kindly supplied wine from their wine library. Their 2006 pinot was superb and especially popular. The bottles  were gone in a flash, with a couple of people buying two at a time. And Barry Toates had to be prevailed upon to release a couple of bottles of the 2005 Meadowbank  pinot that he had squirreled away. It kept the diners happy.

The table setting included a special place mat printed with the inscription on the Cartledge Trophy.

The Club thanks Heather Cartledge for being with us at the dinner and Alistair Curley for proposing the toast. And also the inimitable catering Ritchards, for yet another fabulous meal provided at such a reasonable cost to members.

It was a great “Cartledge’ day.

David Askey-Doran and Heather Cartledge


Alistair Curley and Graeme Bradfield

Alistair Curley proposing the toast to Jim

To Jim

Maureen Maxwell

Bruce Montgomery and Hans Drielsma

John and Michelle Moores receiving ‘the Cartledge’ from Heather Cartledge

Ian Ritchard and Warren Soundy

Karen and Barry Toates




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