The Cartledge Tournament

Saturday 30 June 2012 – Hobart Real Tennis Club

This year’s Cartledge Tournament and Dinner will be on Saturday 30 June.

The Cartledge Trophy

A highlight of this year’s event will be the first presentation of the Cartledge Trophy. The design concept for the Trophy came from leading Hobart artist and friend of the Club, Tom Samek, with inspiration from Dick Friend and Alistair Curley. And we have run it past members of Jim’s Family, who are delighted with the design and the sentiment.

The Cartledge Doubles Tournament

The handicap doubles will be played on Saturday, so please enter a pair, or let Barry know that you want to play and he will create the pairings.

The Cartledge Dinner

Dinner will be at the Club. Drinks will be in the Butler Room from 7pm and Dinner at 8pm is in the Trophy Room.

The drinks and dinner is limited to 40.

Catering will be by the inimitable Ritchards of Battery Point.

The Cartledge Toast

Alistair Curley is travelling to Hobart for the weekend and will propose the toast to Big Jim at the dinner.



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