The Floor Repaint

The court has been closed this week to enable a signficant repaint to be undertaken. Heavy wear on the central areas of the court meant that there was a surface patchwork effect. The forthcoming Australian Open was an added incentive to refurbish the floor and have the court looking its best.

Last time the floor was done, Peter Scollard did the lion’s share of the paint job and it was a huge job, so this time around, the Committee decided that it was preferable to engage a contractor to do the work.

Professional applicators with all of the experience with the Rokite product have sanded the old paint off to provide a good key for the re-coat. They will then apply 3 coats of the same terra cotta colour Rokite, which they will guarantee for 5 years.

This is such an extensive project that it required the court to be closed for the week. It is hoped that the lines will be reapplied on Sunday June 3, ready for play on Monday 4th.

It had been hoped to be able to incorporate some way of reducing any glare from the court surface within the paint type, but this doesn`t appear to be possible. Further work on the lights will include options to reduce any glare.




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