Stirlings win the pre Tournoi des Trois Tripots Tournament in Hobart

Chris and Andrew Stirling won the Hobart pre Tournoi des Trois Tripots tournament last Sunday winning the most matches and games – 3/23.

With exactly a month to go to the start of round robin doubles Tournoi des Trios Tripots in south west France in the towns of Pau, Bayonne and La Bastide-Clairence, the Hobart based group of the HRTC touring party played a warm up tournament on 28 August. It was a round robin of first to 6 games, handicap matches.

The doubles pairs in addition to Andrew and Christine Stirling, were Biz and Ian Ritchard, Ros and Cas Pitt, David Askey-Doran and John Ramsay, and Ray Lowenthal and Janet Thorpe. In France, David’s partner will be Antoine Guichard (currently in France), John will team up with Mark Stanton (who lives in Ireland) and Ray’s partner will be Anne Reed, who did not play in the round robin as she is resting an injured shoulder. The Hobart group of 15 for France, also includes Di Lowenthal, Merrin Mackay and Eleanor Sweetnam. And 5 of the group are playing a match in Bordeaux against the Bordelais at the conclusion of the Trois Tripots.

After a slow start on Sunday morning, revived by sweet pumpkin soup and fine thai beef salad lunch and other refreshments, Ros and Cas Pitt also won 3 matches but lost out on the day on games won.


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