The President’s Cup in Melbourne 2011

Graeme Holloway, Graham Hyland, John Moores, Michelle Moores, Jeremy Rackham, John Ramsay, Peter Scollard, and Roger Wood made up a small Hobart team to contest the President’s Cup at RMTC on the weekend of 20 & 21 August. The team was also supported by a Melbourne member, Tim Hurburgh.

The tennis playing got off to a tricky start as unfortunately Roger Wood pulled a muscle in a pre-tournament hit up and couldn’t play for the rest of the weekend. And Michelle and John Moores flight wasn’t able to land at Tullamarine because of fog, so they had an unscheduled trip to Canberra only arriving at the Club 6 hours late. But thanks to some creative draw juggling by the Melbourne Pros the playing schedule went ahead without a hitch.

Needless to say the Hobart group got lots of tennis over the two days, but off handicap, the RMTC players were too strong, retaining the President’s Cup 17 matches to 9. All of the Hobart group has some wins and some solid sets of tennis, with Graeme Holloway, Jeremy Rackham, Peter Scollard and John Moores playing particularly well.

In fact Graeme Holloway played a scintillating match on Sunday morning notwithstanding a very late night occasioned by an RMTC party to farwell Ruri Gunn as a Professional. Ruri has been a great supporter of tournaments in Hobart, and it was good for the Club to be represented at his farewell. All the Hobart group were made most welcome and had a great evening, albeit that none lasted until 3:30 am, when apparently the party wound up. The Sunday morning tennis was followed by a 2pm long, relaxed and most pleasant lunch at the Boozy Rouge, a restaurant on Bridge Road.

Thanks to the RMTC President, Owen Guest and the Melbourne members and Frank Filippelli and his team of professionals who turned on a great tennis weekend as always.


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