Lawyers Tennis at HRTC

The HRTC Lawyers Group was formed in 2010, with its membership open to lawyers who have been admitted to legal practice and who are members of the Hobart Real Tennis Club.

The current playing list is Don Armstrong, Bill Ayliffe, Graeme Bradfield, Bob Brewer, Ray Brown, Jim Crotty, Bill Friend, Cas Pitt, Martyn Hagan, Tom Hiscutt, Justin McMullen, John Ramsay, Neal Readett, Ian Ritchard, David Wallace.

The tennis activities are –

  • On one Friday of each month the Court is booked for doubles from 4pm until 6pm.  Martyn Hagan is the Convenor of Doubles and schedules the dates about 3 months ahead. A week or so before the scheduled date the group is emailed seeking interest in the next session and a day or so before the matches, a draw is distributed. The format is 20 minutes per match. There are generally between 8 and 10 playing. After the two hours there is a congregation in the Butler room for a quiet drink and a post mortem.
  •  An annual Lawyers Singles Championship has been established and is underway. A handicap tournament, it is  basically the same format as the Club Championship, being a knockout draw, the slight difference being that there is a repercharge for first round losers enabling a second chance. The Championship for 2011 is at the semi final stage. Ray Brown is the Convenor of Singles. There is an Entry Fee of $30.00 which is to finance a trophy for the winner and towards a Perpetual Trophy.

If you have not been included on the email list, that is an oversight, so please contact one of the Convenors.

Martyn Hagan 0418 331 189

Ray Brown 0411 279 899







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