The Jim Cartledge Trophy 2011

11 players turned out for the Jim Cartledge Doubles Tournament on Sunday 7 August. 15 doubles matches were played with different pairings – each player having six matches. For winning a match the players received a point, with the two highest point scorers winning the tournament. One additional point was available for a winning gallery.

Jeremy Rackham was the co-winner with 6 points, all wins, and Duncan Hamilton also won with 5 points, all wins. The other players were John Davis 3 wins and a winning gallery (4), Iain Burrows the same (4), Brian Maxwell, (4), two Bradfield boys (sadly) rarely seen on the Hobart court these days – Ian (2) and Tony (2 ), Greg Kerin (2), Hans Drielsma (2), Eryl Raymond (1) Graeme Bradfield (0) .

The winners took away some wine for their efforts and Big Jim would have been happy about that.

The Cartledge Dinner will be in the Trophy Room on Saturday 5 November 2011.





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