Sydney Real Tennis Club Inc Established

The Hobart Club has received advice from Chris Cooper and David Pinsett of the establishment of a new real tennis club in Sydney. Both David and Chris were part of the Sydney team that came to play against Hobart in March this year. Chris writes –

“As a player and supporter of real tennis when it was based at Macquarie University, I am sure you will be delighted to hear that the Sydney Real Tennis Club has been reconstituted with the express intention of finding a venue, building a court and re-establishing real tennis in Sydney. The committee and other members of the club are now actively pursuing several options to this end.

You can you help and support this endeavour by joining the new club; for which an application form is attached   Membership costs just $50 per annum (or $20 for interstate, junior and social members – so why not register your kids as well?!)  The more members the club can attract, the more credibility we will have and the better our chances will be of securing a site for the new court.

In the near future we will have an active web site, and as a member of the club you will be kept informed of the progress of our search for a new court. You will also be informed of events and activities of the club as well as details of real tennis tours and competitions both here in Australia and overseas.  You may be interested to know that we still have continued to hold annual interclub matches against Melbourne and Hobart (the next of which is in September), so please let us know if you are interested in representing SRTC at a future match.

I know that there is tremendous enthusiasm amongst the real tennis fraternity around the world to bring back real tennis to Sydney and as a lover of the game I hope you will join the club and help make it happen.”

Membership application forms will be available to Hobart members soon. This is great news for Australian real tennis.



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