Stirlings win the pre Tournoi des Trois Tripots Tournament in Hobart

Chris and Andrew Stirling won the Hobart pre Tournoi des Trois Tripots tournament last Sunday winning the most matches and games – 3/23.

With exactly a month to go to the start of round robin doubles Tournoi des Trios Tripots in south west France in the towns of Pau, Bayonne and La Bastide-Clairence, the Hobart based group of the HRTC touring party played a warm up tournament on 28 August. It was a round robin of first to 6 games, handicap matches.

The doubles pairs in addition to Andrew and Christine Stirling, were Biz and Ian Ritchard, Ros and Cas Pitt, David Askey-Doran and John Ramsay, and Ray Lowenthal and Janet Thorpe. In France, David’s partner will be Antoine Guichard (currently in France), John will team up with Mark Stanton (who lives in Ireland) and Ray’s partner will be Anne Reed, who did not play in the round robin as she is resting an injured shoulder. The Hobart group of 15 for France, also includes Di Lowenthal, Merrin Mackay and Eleanor Sweetnam. And 5 of the group are playing a match in Bordeaux against the Bordelais at the conclusion of the Trois Tripots.

After a slow start on Sunday morning, revived by sweet pumpkin soup and fine thai beef salad lunch and other refreshments, Ros and Cas Pitt also won 3 matches but lost out on the day on games won.


The President’s Cup in Melbourne 2011

Graeme Holloway, Graham Hyland, John Moores, Michelle Moores, Jeremy Rackham, John Ramsay, Peter Scollard, and Roger Wood made up a small Hobart team to contest the President’s Cup at RMTC on the weekend of 20 & 21 August. The team was also supported by a Melbourne member, Tim Hurburgh.

The tennis playing got off to a tricky start as unfortunately Roger Wood pulled a muscle in a pre-tournament hit up and couldn’t play for the rest of the weekend. And Michelle and John Moores flight wasn’t able to land at Tullamarine because of fog, so they had an unscheduled trip to Canberra only arriving at the Club 6 hours late. But thanks to some creative draw juggling by the Melbourne Pros the playing schedule went ahead without a hitch.

Needless to say the Hobart group got lots of tennis over the two days, but off handicap, the RMTC players were too strong, retaining the President’s Cup 17 matches to 9. All of the Hobart group has some wins and some solid sets of tennis, with Graeme Holloway, Jeremy Rackham, Peter Scollard and John Moores playing particularly well.

In fact Graeme Holloway played a scintillating match on Sunday morning notwithstanding a very late night occasioned by an RMTC party to farwell Ruri Gunn as a Professional. Ruri has been a great supporter of tournaments in Hobart, and it was good for the Club to be represented at his farewell. All the Hobart group were made most welcome and had a great evening, albeit that none lasted until 3:30 am, when apparently the party wound up. The Sunday morning tennis was followed by a 2pm long, relaxed and most pleasant lunch at the Boozy Rouge, a restaurant on Bridge Road.

Thanks to the RMTC President, Owen Guest and the Melbourne members and Frank Filippelli and his team of professionals who turned on a great tennis weekend as always.

The Page Racquet 2011

The Page Racquet is an annual competition between the Athenaeum Club and the Tasmanian Club. It was played on Friday 19 August.

Harvey Gibson, Peter Cretan, George Casimaty, James Crotty, Richard Crawford, Peter Gartland and Graeme Bradfield turned out for the Athenaeum Club and Ray Brown, John Ramsay, Cas Pitt, Martyn Hagan, Julian Joscelyne, Bill Ayliffee and Nick Griggs played for the Tasmanian Club.

The format was a half hour match of handicap doubles, so whoever had the most games at the end of the half hour won. After 8 matches, the Atheneaum Club was winner 4 matches to 3, with one tied, and thus retain the Page Racquet for another year.

News from the August 2011 Committee Meeting

The Committee met on Monday 15 August. Matters resolved included

  • agreement to offer to hold the 2012 Australian Open, likely to be in August
  • a new process to follow up members whose accounts remain outstanding for more than 30 days
  • agreement to undertake some stonework maintenance recommended by Peter Spratt, subject to minor clarification of the scope of works and the quotes from stonemasons
  • (apart from a nominal amount) the reduction of the outstanding balance on the Club mortgage
  • development of a simple brochure on the Club and the game to be made available to members guests, visitors and people attending functions
  • installation of a new protective shield for the recently re-installed court camera

Lawyers Tennis at HRTC

The HRTC Lawyers Group was formed in 2010, with its membership open to lawyers who have been admitted to legal practice and who are members of the Hobart Real Tennis Club.

The current playing list is Don Armstrong, Bill Ayliffe, Graeme Bradfield, Bob Brewer, Ray Brown, Jim Crotty, Bill Friend, Cas Pitt, Martyn Hagan, Tom Hiscutt, Justin McMullen, John Ramsay, Neal Readett, Ian Ritchard, David Wallace.

The tennis activities are –

  • On one Friday of each month the Court is booked for doubles from 4pm until 6pm.  Martyn Hagan is the Convenor of Doubles and schedules the dates about 3 months ahead. A week or so before the scheduled date the group is emailed seeking interest in the next session and a day or so before the matches, a draw is distributed. The format is 20 minutes per match. There are generally between 8 and 10 playing. After the two hours there is a congregation in the Butler room for a quiet drink and a post mortem.
  •  An annual Lawyers Singles Championship has been established and is underway. A handicap tournament, it is  basically the same format as the Club Championship, being a knockout draw, the slight difference being that there is a repercharge for first round losers enabling a second chance. The Championship for 2011 is at the semi final stage. Ray Brown is the Convenor of Singles. There is an Entry Fee of $30.00 which is to finance a trophy for the winner and towards a Perpetual Trophy.

If you have not been included on the email list, that is an oversight, so please contact one of the Convenors.

Martyn Hagan 0418 331 189

Ray Brown 0411 279 899






The Cartledge Dinner – Friday 4th November

The Cartledge Tournament for 2011 has been played, and now for the annual Cartledge Dinner. It’s on Friday 4 November.

In the Trophy Room of course and only 40 places will be available.

The dinner will again be catered for by Biz and Ian Ritchard, and as always you will enjoy a fabulous meal at a very reasonable price.

Come along and drink a toast to that great lover of food, wine and tennis, Jim Cartledge.