President’s Cup Dinner 2010 – Presidential Moments

There was a “presidential suite” at the 2010 President’s Cup dinner in Hobart, with the two incumbent presidents in the company of 8 former Melbourne and Hobart Presidents.

Not wanting to waste the collective experience of the assembled Presidents, they were invited to share the worst or most embarrassing event of their Presidency.

Over the course of the evening we learnt of

• leaving visiting overseas tennis dignatories stranded in suburbia having mistaken car seat headrests for aristocratic heads
• an absolutely blank and empty head when making a speech in front of a State Governor at a major event
• awarding club life membership outside the Club rules only to be advised to that effect by the recipient a few days after the celebratory dinner
• numerous entanglements with high profile club professionals over such matters as remuneration and travel, termination of employment, the size and weight of the tennis balls to be used in a major match and unmentionables in the bathroom
• an organisational failure to provide food and glasses at a major international tournament cocktail party, with the assembled guests drinking out of trophies and vases and enjoying themselves immensely, regardless
• why the Hobart court was once painted grey and for reasons of ethnicity, why it is now painted blue, and
• a warm and friendly Club welcome to a daughter to watch “father” play, only to be informed that “daughter” was the second wife.


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