The Cartledge

A new event was added to the HRTC tennis and social calendar last Saturday, 7 August.

To celebrate the tennis life of Jim Cartledge and the marvellous contribution that he made to the Hobart Club and tennis over many years, a day of tennis, wining, dining and conversation has been added to the Hobart calendar.

A doubles tournament was played, with all players having 5 matches with different partners. Players were allocated one point for a win, could gain an extra point for a winning gallery (but only one) and one point was awarded for shot of the tournament.

Barry Toates adjudged that there were two shots of the tournament, David Mitchell for a cross court backhand, and Hans Drieslma for a behind the back chase 3. And David and Hans were also in the most winning doubles combinations.

David Askey-Doran provided a hearty lunch and in the evening Biz and Ian Ritchard turned on their usual outstanding dinner.

The Trophy Room diners were treated to Mongolian beef dumplings with pre dinner drinks, fabulous gravalxed salmon on a bed of julienned green apple and wakame as an entree and a main course of chicken wrapped in pastry with sweet corn puree, popcorn and mushroom sauce accompanied by a Borlotti bean stew.

And to complete the dining Jill Mure treated the group to Sicilian orange cake served with crème fraiche and vanilla bean ice cream.

It was a dinner with little formality and lots of lively conversation, but there was a special toast to celebrate the life of ‘Big Jim’.


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