Parent and Offspring

The club saw a great tournament between the families of the Tennis Club on Sunday.  A round robin event saw all pairs play each other off handicap in matches limited to 24 minutes.  It was a great (if a little cold) day with lots of close tennis and lots of fun.  A fantastic lunch was put on by John Ramsay, and we all ventured back on the court full for the afternoon session.

The top four pairs of the Colberts, Booths, Ramsays and Scobies battled it out in the semi finals.  The Colberts had a comfortable victory over the Scobies.  The Ramsays and the Booths battled it out, and in a repeat of their round robin match were locked at 5/5 after the 24 minutes.  The deciding game was a close one with the Booths prevailing 6/5.

The final saw the Colberts taking on the Booths.  Again after the 24 minutes the scores were locked, with the clock ticking over at 6/6.  Whoever could win that last game would be the champions.  The Colberts had a bisque up their sleeve and at 40/30 down decided against using the bisque to take it to advantage all, guaranteeing them the win if they could win that point to get to advantage all.  Unfortunately for the Colberts the Booths won that point and took out the final 7/6.

Congratulations to the Booths on a good day of tennis and they were deserved victors.  Everyone had a great day andwe will be returning in October to do it again!


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